Monday, August 20, 2007

The Hummingbirds Are So Amazing!!!

Tonight we had such a cool treat! The hummingbirds were out in force and I've never seen so many at one time in my entire life. There were at least 20 of them zipping all around us for about an hour. We stood right next to the feeder and put our fingers out for them to land on and they did! It was such an amazing moment to see so many and to have them so close to made me all misty eyed. I'm such a sappy sentimental fool sometimes, but I can't help it...nature moves me. The pics we took of it all turned out so awesome! I can't wait to show you all...we are still on dial up though.

On a side note, the elk in their mass heards should be moving into the area soon...They are just a few short miles away. Caitlin and Lynn saw a large heard just before I got here, but we are not sure where they are currently. The ranchers here say it is only a matter of days before they show up...I hope I'm still here to see the spectacle.

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