Monday, August 27, 2007

Colorado Series Part Two

Here is the first bear I saw. Be sure to click on the picture to see him better. It stared at me and I stared back for the longest time. It finally relaxed and started eating berries then ambled off.

The first day I arrived at the ranch was branding day. It looked like hard dusty work. This is the ranch manager on horseback...he's roping calves.

Got one...they get dragged away from their mothers and are pretty terrified, but as hard as it was to watch all this, I had to realize it's the way of life on a ranch and at least these animals have it better than their feed lot counterparts.

Everyone who is on the branding team knows what their specific job is and they all work in unison to get each calf processed as quickly as possible and back to it's mama.

Even Caitlin worked on the team. Her job was ear tagging.

While one cowboy is branding, the other is castrating if it's a male calf.

Not only do the male calves get castrated, they also have to get de-horned. That's gotta hurt...but interestingly the calves don't fuss too much while everything is being done. They really bellow as they are being dragged away from mama though.

Caitlin is turning into a real cowgirl...soon she'll be roping

Tools of the trade. The bloodied knife is what was being used to castrate the male calves...blech! The shots are antibiotics. Also shown are the ear tags.

Meanwhile the kids are busy playing in the hay barn...

...and at the creek. My son is the kid on the left. The other kid is the grandson of the ranch owner.

"Sparky" niece. Her real name is Elizabeth.

It was a gorgeous day! This is the ranch headquarters area.

This is Jeff again...he's not single...

...But his brother is! My husband better be nice to me... ;)

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