Monday, August 27, 2007

Colarado Series Part Three

These beautiful rock formations are called Dikes. They are quite impressive...the photos don't do them justice.

This is one of the Spanish Peaks...thunderstorms and lightening cropped up often in the late afternoons during my visit. I'll climb this mountain next spring...

Beautiful wildflowers such as these were all over the place!

Mule Deer were in abundance!

The hummingbirds were amongst my favorite of the wild life. Each one was so darling and we got TONS of great photos of them.

They were quite tame...

A Ruby Throat!

This excellent photograph was taken by Caitlin. She is turning into quite the young photographer!


Sharon said...

Just beautiful pics!!! The humminbirds are the one Caitlin took.

Ginny said...

She is going to enter that photo in the county fair.