Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What's for Dinner?

I feel like whipping something up a little more gourmet tonight since I'm feeling creative and food has been a focus lately with all the flurry of learning the ropes of freezer bag cooking. I'm making roasted quail with a cherry sauce, and creamy mashed new potatoes with fresh garlic and fresh garden herbs. I also have some crusty Italian bread that would be nice lathered with olive oil and herbs. I may or may not toast it lightly. I could make a salad but considering I had little sleep last night I'm going to skip it.

Some ingredients for the cherry sauce. I've never made it before and didn't have a recipe, but this seemed like a good starting point.

First I seasoned the quail and seared it on high heat for about five minutes in grape seed oil.

Next I removed the quail and deglazed the pan with cooking sherry, then added shallots, salt, pepper, bing cherries, butter, and a splash of cranberry juice. I threw the quail back in and tossed the whole thing in the oven to brown the birds up a bit and finish cooking them.

The finished dish. The cherry sauce was divine and Russell liked it so much he wanted to know what else I could put it on. I'm thinking pork or duck might be good choices for next time.

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