Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anastasia Takes a Little Nap

Can this be comfortable?

I took this through my glass door this morning so it's kinda poor quality.


Zebra said...

Amazing how cats can get themselves into the tightest of places. Looks pretty comfy to me. Greetings and salutations..

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Hi there. :)

Sean the Blogonaut said...

He looks safe wedged in between the pot and the edge of the stand. I think cats sometimes pass on comfort for safety.

But then again my Fluffy allways tends to lay on his back, tackle swinging in the wind for all to see - seriously Iif I believed in reincarnation I'd swear he was previously a porn star.

Virginia aka Ginny said...

yeah some cats are totally relaxed and don't seem to fear anything.