Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anemic Yard You Say?

These Mexican Sunflowers are third generation and have come back stronger than ever. There is a white picket fence in that mass of green and a statue of a lady, but of course they've been engulfed. My garden pathways are temporarily closed in places as well. The tallest plants in the back are well over the fence.

I'm waiting for the big bloom to happen. You can see spots of orange here and there, but when they get going full force the blooms will be profuse and the butterflies will be all over them. I can't wait to take another shot from the same perspective once the flowers are all out.

I think I'll do some gardening and take a few before and after shots of the beds I work on today. My green beans are up.


derpudel said...

As usual, your garden is definitely of the "Eden" variety. I'm always so envious of your backyard, when compared to mine up here in Kansas. The only garden species that survive in my yard are the indigenous "weeds" of the fields. I must say, each year a new "weed" emerges as the dominant greenery. Can't tell yet what this year's #1 top grower will be! lol

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Weeds serve a useful purpose so I don't mind them when my garden isn't in use...they keep the soil intact and I can chop them into the soil when I'm ready to boost the nutrient content and organic matter to ready the beds for planting.