Monday, May 14, 2007

Friedrich Wilderness on Mother's Day

Yesterday was mother's day and I enjoyed a nice little walk in the Friedrich Wilderness. Russell and the kids went to Fiesta Texas and I had the whole day to myself which was nice! It's rare I get true alone time...I'm usually with the kids, Russell, or friends.

The day started out with me getting up about five am. I rarely get up that early, but found myself wide awake. I decided to take advantage of it and watch the sun come up which is a favorite girlhood past time. listening to the birds wake up is always a treat and the peace of early morning is a unique time to be savored.

After about an hour of meditating on the back porch, I packed up my hiking stuff and headed to Thomas's for our ritual Sunday walk. Thomas has always picked me up no matter what direction we would be heading, but lately I've been giving him a break and driving to him when our destination is of a Southern direction since he is significantly South of me. This time we headed to San Antonio and ironically Friedrich was a rock throw away from Fiesta Texas.

After the walk, I came back home and had hours and hours in the house to myself. I could have done so many different productive many things to clean, organize, etc... but ended up watching a movie and drinking beer in my bed and being quite lazy. It wasn't a bad Mother's Day at all.

Wildflowers near the trail entrance...that's a hell of a bouquet for Mother's Day!

Close up of some very pretty purple wildflowers. No id yet...

Cute little bridge

The hike gets more interesting. Funny how I can appear to be totally in the wild, but Fiesta Texas is so close.

The path actually got tricky in places on descent


Psychodiva said...

beautiful pictures- must have been a beautiful walk :) Happy Mum's day to you :) we had ours a while back here in the UK

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Thanks psychodiva. Hope you had a good Mum's day too. :)

Sean the Blogonaut said...

Ginny, nice pictures yet again. Just wondering what camera you are using?

Virginia aka Ginny said...

It is a Canon PowerShot A520...nothing special believe me. If I only had decent camera equipment...sigh.

Sean the Blogonaut said...

I'm thinking of getting a Kodak C875, nice and light, point and shoot but with some manual controls. Don't want to be lugging around equipment while camping.