Monday, January 25, 2010

No Back Packing...Waited Too Long

I didn't go back packing but I did manage to get out and hike on Sunday. I went to Doe Skin Ranch and wandered around there for about four hours. I did Rimrock Trail loop twice and wandered around on the other trails...repeating them a couple of times...then called it a day.

I actually ended up lost towards the end and had a fun road walk back to my car. I didn't know how far away my car was, but figured it had to be less than two or three miles and thankfully I think it was no more than a mile. Once I realized I was going the right direction(had to flag someone down and ask) I settled in for the walk and was happy to see that my car was not near as far as I thought it might be. I still am not certain how I ended up so turned around looking back at the hike, but that place can get confusing because it changes. It seems every time I go out there, things look different to me.

I don't know how many miles I ended up in total(no gps)but I know it was at least feet were screaming at me towards the end. I can't wait to get out and do it again! The next time I will plan better. Note to self...go buy another GPS, don't forget compass next time. :)


Sharon said...

7 miles! wow! That's a nice hike. Can't imagine YOU getting lost. At least you got out and enjoyed what you love. Always a good way to re-charge.

Ginny said...

I don't know how I got lost out there of all places lol. It's not very big....but I found myself on some unfamiliar land and heard the road way off to my left. In fact I think I was on a game trail and not a park trail by the time I realized I wasn't where I was supposed to be.

I climbed up a high ridge so I could have a look around and spotted the road I was hearing traffic on in the distance...and boy did it look far away.

I had to make a decision...try to back track and possibly get more lost(plus I was losing daylight), or just head out cross country and go for it...which is what I did.

Thinking back...I could have been shot since I was most definitely on private land not meant for hikers. And I was very lucky that the road I saw was the road I needed.

I was also lucky that there were enough cars traveling on the road that I could make sure I was going the right direction by hearing the hum of the road noise when I was in deep cover and unable to see anything. All in all...lesson learned.

rocket said...

Do you always hike alone? If you do, you may want to let someone know where you went and when you'll be back.

Just a thought!

Take Care.

Ginny said...

Hey Rocket, you are sooooo right! :)