Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goodbye Toyota, Hello Kia

So I bit the bullet and bought a new car finally. After much back and forth internal debate, I bought new and not used. I am now the owner of a Kia Soul(base model). It is quite a relief to finally have this task behind me. Now I can look forward to car payments! Yippy!

I wish I could post a photograph for everyone, but I am no longer the owner of a camera that works. But I'm gonna set aside some money each paycheck and go buy a new camera next, so hopefully I will have one within the next six weeks or so. I can't stand the thought of not taking pictures and what a boring blog this would be without them.

Since my last post I have met a new person who I think I might hit it off with. He is every bit the adventurer I am, and he has a degree in the culinary arts which I think is pretty sexy. Not only that but he also has his degree in marine biology and is quite the animal lover. We haven't met face to face yet, so who knows. But for now I am feeling a little tingle of excitement. Only time will tell if it leads anywhere.


ara & spirit said...

Culinary Art? Sexy? I now feel good myself!!!
Big Bend should be now your destination... new car, new tent, new beaux... NO MORE excuses...
Be well... Ara & Spirit

PS: happy for you. Check the Pentax A20 on line. Older model but I have mine for sale. 10MP, 3 image stabilizers... let me know.

Ginny said...

Don't speak too soon Ara...there is no new Beaux. There are some suitors but so far I'm not impressed with any of them after meeting them and learning more.

I agree though...Big Bend is a must for me. are selling your camera? I will go look...