Saturday, January 23, 2010

Change of Plan

HCSNA is not gonna happen. I called the park just now and boy scouts are there. I do not want to spend any time near a bunch of loud boys. But interestingly I just saw a comment from an old friend who will be in the place I was considering next. Is this a strange twist of events?

It would absolutely be too awkward for me to go to a place knowing my ex back packing partner will be there. He would for sure think I'm a stalker! So back to the drawing board....Canyon of the Eagles is a possibility, so is Pedernales Falls. The Roughs come to mind as well...HCSNA will happen soon though. I long to get back to that is magic.

I will figure it out my friends and hopefully have a cool trip report to share when I get back.


Ginny said...

HA it just dawned on me what a procrastinator I am sometimes. It is almost 10am and I haven't packed a thing!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Goodwater Trail on Lake Georgetown for a backpacking destination.



Ginny said...

absolutely! I have actually backpacked Lake Georgetown several times. :)

Thanks for the suggestion.