Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Pics from Long Ago. Enjoy them Family. :)

A very young Russell. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the man did have hair!

This was a picture Caitlin drew for her Aunt Lynn. I don't know when Caitlin did this, but it was in grade school for sure. Her and her sister's art has come a long way since those days.

This is Samantha about the age of 10 or so.

Some of Samantha's early works of art

My uncle Gordon turned a painting of mine into a stained glass window. The window was installed in my grandparent's bathroom so they could see it every day. I was totally touched by this. I cry to think this is in a house that none of our family live in anymore. But my mother has the original painting at least.

My brother, me, and my sister...I was probably about 20 or so in this pic

A montage of family

Caitlin and Samantha making was a tasty one too!

The only man I could truly call my father. This was Hulbert J Smith not too long before he died.
I believe it is one of the last pictures of him I ever took. He was a wonderful man who helped shape who I am today. He taught me so many things about people, love, life, laughter, manners, and nature. I miss him more than I've missed anyone in my life. They day he died was a very dark and sad day for our family.

My two lovely daughters. It was hard to get them to look happy in this picture! They dislike weddings almost as much as I do.

The first and only camp letter I ever got from one of my children. It was too precious not to scan in the computer. I hope I still have the original in a box somewhere.

Sam and Mom...thinking Sam is about 9 in this picture?

Caitlin...a lover of animals just like her mom

Mom blow drying Caitlin's hair...I have no idea what year this was

Little Caitlin

Granmama and Caitlin. I got all my fire and stubbornness from Granmama. She didn't take guff from anyone and neither do I! Sometimes it's not a good thing when I'm feeling a total lack of diplomacy. My mother did tell me many times when I was growing up that my mouth would get me in trouble. She was correct of course. But my mouth has also gotten me out of trouble as well. So there mom. :)


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

How did you photoshop that hair on Russell? :D

Ginny said...

Hahahaha, I bet it's strange for you guys to see him with hair.

Sarah said...

Love those pictures.

I enjoy reading about all your hikes and everything. It's nice to see another family that enjoys the outdoors and gardening as much as we do. And it's nice to read about it.

We're going camping this weekend to Krause Springs, a lovely place if you've never been. Lots of swimming and a little bit of hiking.

Ginny said...

Sarah that is very sweet of you and thank you for all of your lovely comments. I have enjoyed you coming to my blog and hope someday we can meet in are very nice and I can see a friend in you. :)

I'm assuming you are not too far away from me, since you are going to Krause Springs. You know, I have actually never been there. You'd think that's one of the first places I'd check out, but I guess I had bigger fish to fry at the time.

I needed lots of hiking to lose the weight I did, and Krause Springs was one of those places I kept putting off because the trails with more miles were always a priority of mine to get in shape.

With that said, I know it's a very beautiful place, and if I'm not mistaken isn't there a grotto there? Oh wait, I think that's Hamilton Pool I'm thinking of, which is another place I want to visit eventually. Have you and your family been there?

I think a trip to Krause is in my near future. There is always family time which I value, and that seems like a perfect place for that. :)

trina corina said...

Krause Springs is fun, I took Ian there a couple of times about 3 years ago. It's beautiful. Cute pics of the girls. Hard to imagine them that small! We have your little birthday soiree on the calendar. I don't think there is anything conflicting, so hopefully I'll see you in a couple of weeks. I'll show off my new, badass tattoo that I'll be getting on Sunday!

Valatan said...

I love the '80s hair on that picture of you with your brother and sister!

Ginny said...

Heh, yeah I definitely had about every bad 80's haircut you can think of. :)