Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm About to be an Auntie Again!!!

My sister is in labor and from the sound of things will probably have her baby around midnight or so. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see pictures of my new niece. They don't know what they are going to name her yet. I'm gonna hop over to her blog to check out the list she put up and add my two cents worth....

Ok, here is one of my picks:

Vivian Carmin Kinsey. It rolls off the tongue so easily and it gets two family names in there. :)

I'll have to look again later to see if anything else jumps out at me.

So, I wait anxiously for the arrival of my new niece. These are exciting times! I'm so glad it's Lynn and not me having a baby. I told her I thought she was nuts having another one, but I know she'll do awesome and continue to be a great mom.


trina corina said...

Vivian Carmin is lovely! Vivian was a contender when Ian was in the oven and we didn't know he was a he! I always liked the name Vivian. Of course it always makes me think of the red-headed punker in that British comedy "The Young Ones". Great show, by the way, you'd think it was funny... I think. I bought tomatoes, squash and bell peppers today, yea! A garden soon to be!

Ginny said...

I thought so too. They ended up picking Madeleine(sp?)Beatrice Kinsey. Not crazy about Beatrice, but it's a middle name so no biggy. lol