Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Trying Something New This Year

I've never brined a bird before but I am going to give it a try this year. Apparently it's the way to go when roasting a bird. My turkey is sitting in it's briny mixture now and will marinate for about 10 hours. I bought a fresh organic turkey and bet it will be fine eating. It was expensive so it better be!

My green bean casserole is done. I made a mushroom cream sauce using pancetta, butter, garlic, cream, flour, a little sherry, chicken stock, and various spices. In this I folded fresh cooked green beans and the crispy fried onions that I made to go with it. The last step is to top it off with more of the stringy fried onions and bake it. This isn't your ordinary green bean casserole.

Next on the menu is the sweet potato casserole. The sweet potatoes are cooking now as I write this. I'm going to offer them two ways this year. One way will be sweet and gooey. It will be made with fresh squeezed oj, molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg, pecans, marshmallows, cream, and butter. It's not light on calories or fat but worth it for special occasions. The other way will be more savory and roasted...lightly glazed but not too sweet.

I plan to make the stuffing tonight as well. I bought two kinds of fresh bread this year, cubed it all up, and dried it out in the oven. The bread has different kinds of whole grains, nuts, and seeds in it. The dressing should be pretty special as well. Of course I'll add home made stock to it, fresh herbs, chestnuts, celery, onions, garlic, etc... and possibley a little home made cornbread too.

The cranberry sauce is finished. I used fresh whole cranberries, lemon and orange zest, fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice, granny smith apples(finely diced) and a cup of sugar. I can't wait to eat it with my turkey tomorrow!

I'll mash potatoes tomorrow for those who don't like sweet potatoes and start the bird around noon. Most of the work will be done tonight! I'm so glad I planned ahead so there is no stress. I can't wait to take pictures of everything when it's all finished. If anyone wants a recipe and specifics let me know.


beemerchef said...

Hey... I thought I was the Chef! Wow... very impressive... We had very similar cranberry, being in Texas I added chili and cinnamon also in a Pork Roast finalized in Puff Pastry... So maybe I can hire you some day!!! Glad to read your joy between the lines... always.
You be well and thanks for sharing... My own recipes will be up by tomorrow... Rain, hail and cold here in South Texas... we are staying inside!!!

Ara & Spirit

Ginny said...

Hi Aura :)
Coming from you that is very high praise. Chili and cinnamon sounds great! I bet it was all exceptional. I will look at the recipes and give them a try myself. I'll let you know how it turns out.

So tell me, are you going to stop your nomadic ways one day and set up shop?

I hope the rest of your weekend goes well. Give Spirit a tug on the ear for me. :)