Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bring it on rain...we can take it...(this weekend's trip report)

Even though it rained like mad during our overnight camping trip this weekend, we had a good time. There is nothing like the sound of hard rain from inside a tent. It's quite exhilarating. Our outing began with a rocky start because when Jen and her clan showed up at our house, it was easily apparent that they shouldn't be driving their car because the tires looked like they could shred any moment.

We were packed and ready to go and unsure what to do next because it was creeping up on noontime. Finally it was decided that Jen and I would go ahead to the campsite and start to set up while Russell and Gilbert went to get new tires for Jen's car. Jen commented after we all got done clucking away over what the plan was going to be that it was like a National Lampoon family vacation starting off and I just laughed because it was!

But things were looking up when we got to the campsite. We had two of the boys with us and we started setting up while they ran around like little maniacs chasing each other. Some of the gear was in the other car so we set up as much as we could then went for a short little walk with the kids to hopefully drain some of that stored up energy. It was perfect weather...overcast, but perfect temps and a nice soft breeze. We saw a road runner on the trail.

Once we were all gathered back in camp and had things set up it started to rain very heavily. We made a mad dash for the tent and sat around for a while wondering if we'd be able to get out again to make a fire, eat, etc... Fortunately it let up and we had plenty of time to get a good fire going before it started raining again to roast up some hot dogs and make smores. It rained off and on(more on then off actually) through out the rest of the evening and night but we dealt with it fine. I loved it!

A lake formed under our tent floor and made it feel wavy like a water bed mattress in some places. I've never felt water under a tent like that was crazy. Thankfully the water didn't come up through the floor or cause the stakes to come out. However the tent leaked pretty bad all over, and it did puddle up in places inside. For some reason the rain fly had tons of water coming through it. Considering how much water did get in, we all managed to stay mostly dry. Except Jen and her clan were on the end of the tent where most of the water congregated and they didn't have sleeping mats, so some of their bedding got wet. I'm glad it wasn't cold last night.

I can't wait to get back out again and hope it is soon. Unfortunately camping isn't Jen's thing so she won't accompany me next time. She is good for about once a year camping. Same with Russell, I can only drag him out so many times before he starts to complain since camping isn't his thing either. I was actually shocked that I pulled this trip off and got others to go. Thank goodness because I really needed it!

Some quick notes about the park. There are no decent hiking trails and the park is flat as can be, but it served us well for a family camping place. I probably won't choose it again if other places are available, but it's good to know it is there in a pinch.

A road runner

A little walk

The Taj

A jumping spider hangs out on our picnic table

roasting marshmallows

Making smores

During a heavy downpour Russell and Ben teach Calvin how to play checkers

Our muddy shoes in the "foyer"

Ben sleeps late

The next morning Russell and Gilbert struggle to make fire in a wet pit with not much kindle to speak of.


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I love smores but it is hard to get the ingredients here.

Ginny said...

Really? Wow, what ingredients specifically are hard to get? The marshmallows? The graham crackers? Let me know I'll send you some.

Kazim said...

At the first sign of rain, I shook my fist at the sky and said "Curse you, God!!!" After the downpour started, Jen swore for the rest of the camping trip that it was all my fault the way things turned out. :)

Anyway, we really hit the "perfect storm" of things going wrong:
1. Late start.
2. LOTS of rain.
3. Leaky tent.
4. No pillows.
5. Out of charcoal.

And yet somehow, we still managed to have a good time. Go figure.

Ginny said...

5. Out of charcoal

Luckily we didn't need it the next morning to get our fire going. It would have been a shame if we couldn't eat the breakfast burritos I made.

Lynn Kinsey said...

So glad you finally got to get out. I know this wasn't a cure-all, but better than walking around the neighborhood! lol

Joe said...

Y'know Ginny you may want to try renting an RV for the weekend. Once you try it I think you'll love it. And, they usually don't leak in the rain. I know I love mine.

Ginny said...

Hi Joe :)

I doubt I'd enjoy an RV for several reasons, but mainly because I love sleeping outside. If it weren't for bugs and small annoying things like snakes, scorpions, etc...I'd probably sleep without a tent weather permitting.