Monday, November 12, 2007

Pics for the Day

My room. Lately I've been doing art while sitting on my bed.

My sketch book. This sketch depicts looking up at the sky from the bottom of a canyon.

Some supplies

Looking for inspiration in the leaves I picked up yesterday while walking. The board is something I picked up off a junk pile. I like that it's large because I plan to use it as a canvas since wood is a great medium to paint on.

I love brushes and want more.


Lynn Kinsey said...

Wow, from what I can tell, your house looks a LOT cleaner than mine! lol I will have to take pics of my house to show you! You will get a laugh;-)

Sharon said...

I love seeing your art stuff and supplies! Both of you girls are very talented, but then you come by it honestly given Grandmomma's talent...and Linda...and I guess Blaine, too. It runs in the family. Skipped me tho. lol

Lynn Kinsey said...

That's because you were a different kind of artist, Mom. You were a singer. Too bad you couldn't get past Gary's disapproval to make a career of it.