Sunday, August 06, 2006

Today's Hike and a Sweet Cache

We went to Pedernales Falls today and hiked one of the trails out there. I don't know the name of the trail, but it may be called Trammel's Crossing. The beginning of the trail had us walking down into a valley for a good ways. This was the ascent we would have to look forward to at the end of a six mile hike. I was told it was a five mile hike, but my pedometer read over six. Once down to the river bottom, we crossed Trammel's Crossing which can be hazardous, especially if the water is rushing. Today there was no rushing water, just a bunch of wobbly rocks to navigate over. It was fun!

On the other side of the crossing was a good ascent that lasted for a while before leveling out and becomming flat. We walked for several miles on top. There were maybe two more good climbs before the final descent and then final climb out of the river bottom on the way back to the trail head. This is where I fell to one knee after slipping on shale like rock going down a steep incline. That little mishap cost me a gouged knee that bled pretty good for a while. I didn't feel any pain, only blood trickling down my leg into my sock as I walked on. Another memento I bring home. *GRIN*

Our resting place in an old settlers' grave yard proved to be most enjoyable. It was in forest cover and the breeze coming off the tops of the hills over our supine bodies felt amazing. We all lay in silence for the longest time while taking in the sounds of a symphony of insects. It was a most enjoyable experience.
The cache at this place was also a great one. I took pictures of it and left a lock of my hair there locked up in a diary. The diary was so cool! I was flipping through it and came across a small dreadlock that belonged to none other than Mykel. She left it there in 2004. It was funny finding it, and Mykel knew it was there but never said a word. To think I almost didn't look inside the diary for fear it would be blank. I'm so glad I was compelled to look.

I felt renewed on this trek. Even while out in the sun it was great. I generally hate hiking in the sun on a hot day, but the humidity was lower and there was a slight breeze which made it feel just right. Our next adventure takes us to the Barton Creek Greenbelt on a 7 mile straight through trek. I can't wait!
Trammel's crossing. We had to go over the rocks to the right of the picture. We even had a little helping hand from some of the waders who were already in the water. How nice of them!
Looking up river or down? Not sure.
Out in the sun.
A settler's grave
Resting spot. Mykel hunts for snacks.
Special Effects!
Back of Monarch travel bug. This thing was so cool and it was heavy too.
Front of travel monarch
Some of the cache contents. I took the little blue car button.
The diary.

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