Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bee Suck Hollow pictures!

Finally pics from Bee Suck! Don't forget you can click on the images to see them larger. It's worth it. Trail head. There were some nice shady places on this hike.
About to head into deep cover for a while...
Deep cover..Mykel about to disappear through tunnel ahead of me.
So lush. That's the Leon river.
Parts of the trail were treacherous and I wouldn't recommend bringing small children. This is me pointing the camera down to my right. It's a drop off that is at least 30 feet to the bottom. The trail here is sloped not level! The soil and rock are very loose. It was bad enough dry, but I can't imagine anyone trying to get across this section while muddy.
Another view of drop off section. I still can't believe how dangerous this part was. It would be so easy to lose your footing here and fall with nothing to stop you!
Ok, last perspective on the dangerous part. This is Mykel behind me. Notice how her left knee is bent? Yep it's a slope alright, and that's a steep incline to her right. It only gets worse as she starts coming up to where I'm standing.. All that under foot is very loose soil and rock. Nope, I would not let a kid walk this trail. The green on the right hides the gully below.
A tangle of trees. Some parts looked like this, where it was all jungly and viney looking.
I call it a horse apple. I don't know what others call it.
Horse apple that looks like it exploded.
We climbed up out of this and were most definitely off trail! The blue bottle marked our spot for our climb back down after walking on top of the ridge for a while.
Up on top of the ridge (off trail) we had to navigate through many patches like this.
Still off trail on top of ridge
A long way down
More on top
Black turkey vultures riding thermals over valley below. Close up of black headed turkey vulture. I love it when animals pose for the camera.
Huge ant. I'm uncertain of the species, but it was about 3/4 of an inch long!
Blue skies and green trees. I liked the color from this view point.

Little savannahIt was hard work cutting down these trees, but we did it! Just kidding. :)
The wall. This is part of the Belton Dam. Some mural huh?
A different perspective
Close up
Even closer
Far away. This was the last part of our hike before heading back to the car


Atheist in a mini van. said...

Children Riding Armadillos. I think I'll name my next alternative ska band after that mural.

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Heh heh.