Sunday, August 13, 2006

I've said it before...

Our own Barton Creek Greenbelt is such a fine treat of a hike. The cover is lush and the breezes are refreshing. The hills we claimed were scenic and put us in some amazing surroundings where we found some fun caches. Gotta love that!

This was a through hike and came close to the six mile mark. The trail wound it's way through tunnels of green and the surroundings sometimes felt like a fairy tale forest to me. At times the clouds would cover the sun and the effect of deep shade was notable. I liked it...alot.

I plan on doing this again soon on my own. I think I will also tackle the "Hill of Life". I wish I had brought my camera this time around. It's sad that I missed so many cool photo opportunities. Oh well, next time I go I'll take pics.

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