Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hiking at Bee Suck Hollow

I forgot to write up my hike log for last Sunday. I'm slipping.

So we went to Bee Suck Hollow which is out at Lake Belton. This was a GREAT hike! I got so many cool pictures but they are all on Mykel's camera. Once I get them from her, I'll put them up.

We didn't use a map on this one, but explored all over. A fun little adventure it was. The wildlife we saw or heard was a nice bonus. A large buck ran out in front of us across the trail and that was exciting. We saw a nice black headed vulture perched on a dead tree. We heard a bone chilling screech from some kind of large bird. We saw a tremendous catfish down in the Leon river. We saw tiny little frogs in a stream that were positively adorable(I love frogs). And I saw two sleek and shiny reddish brown lizards that were small and squirmy. Strange little things, but cute!

So, the trails were beautiful. Much of it was spent going through green tunnels in deep shade which was lovely. We seem to be enjoying a lot of those lately. However, a good section of our hike we ended up off trail. We climbed up the steep slope through very dense forest and hill country scrub to the base of a cliff, which we followed along pushing our way through trees and climbing up and over rocky outcroppings. That was pretty hard core. We ended up on top of the ridge or plateau and found a peaceful place to rest in the shade.

This was a hot day according to the weather man(100 degrees)but the heat didn't bother us while out in the sun. I think we are getting used to it. The very last part of the hike we had a good hill to climb in full sun, and it felt great! I don't know the elevation, but it was a heart pumper.

One more note worthy thing. I found out yesterday that my best friend's dad built those trails with his hippy friends back in the day. She has been all over those trails as a kid. Cool. I want her to come out there with me sometime. :)

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Atheist in a mini van. said...

Sounds like you had a great hike! Can't wait to see the pictures.