Sunday, April 02, 2006

My friends got married!

Last week and last weekend was all one big whirlwind! My dear friends Mykel and Paul got hitched, and I'm the one that hitched them. It was such a complete honor that they asked me to perform the ceramony, which was one of the most fun and memorable ones I can think of in a long time.

The week before the festivities were to begin, Mykel and Paul were in the process of moving. I helped them as much as I could with that task. Once they were moved, Mykel and I spent the next couple of days doing party prep such as shopping, and marathon cooking. I had a great time with all of that, but it was hard work and we didn't stop until we were exhausted.

Let me tell you now, that Mykel is a great cook but she is not very good at stopping at just a few dishes. She bought enough food to feed an army. The two of us spent at least 12 hours cooking, not including the cooking done while the party was going on. We didn't cook half of what Mykel wanted to! I told her next time she has a party, I'm putting the brakes on her after 5 or so dishes. :)

The marriage took place on April fools evening which was a hoot. The party theme was a "god party" where we all dressed up as our favorite god or goddess. Many great friends were in attendance and they didn't even know they were attending a wedding until about mid party! We all gathered out by the pool where I announced what was going on and thanking everyone for being there. I then said a few words to marry P and M, and that was that! Of course everyone was cheering and taking pictures like crazy. Go to to see pics of the party. It's under the link "Ye Gods".