Monday, April 24, 2006

Let me explain the photos below...

This past Sunday we went hiking as usual at a particularly interesting and beautiful place called Crockett Springs. The weather was pleasant early in the morning when we started and remained so through out the hike. The very first thing we saw was a wild turkey crossing the road before we even got to the parking lot. It was just meandering along in no real hurry.

There was much wildlife to be observed and plenty of beautiful plants to check out. The diversity in habitat was amazing. One part of the hike was a juniper forest, with little else growing. Another part was a narrow trail that followed along the lake from up high with cliffs to our right and dense vegetation all around. There were areas along the top where one can walk right up to the edge of the cliff and peer over to see that 80 feet below is lake water. That put a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach when I leaned over to look down. I really liked the flowering plant (pictured below) that was hanging on the cliffside.

The trail was extremely rocky and difficult to navigate so it was hard to look up for the most part while on the move. What was probably about a six mile hike including the geo-caches we visited, was strenous and felt longer. Luckily I'm not sore today, even though the payoff at the end of the trail would have been worth it.

The pay off was Crockett Springs, or also referred to as Crockett Gardens. It's a GORGEOUS oasis to hang out and rest. The breeze that went through the area was serene and calming and I could have chilled out there for at least an hour. The pictures below of lush scenery might give you an idea of this wonderful place.

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