Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sweet hike today at Does Skin Ranch

Today was another great day for hiking and this time Thomas, Mykel, and myself, found ourselves on a great little adventure at Doe Skin Ranch. There was a new trail added that gave us a nice long addition to the normal trail. The view was stunning on that extra loop and we sat and enjoyed the butterflies and calls of many different birds. The smells were incredible on this hike too. Many things were blooming and the air was so fresh and clean.
We got there around 8ish in the am so it was kind of cool when we started out. However, after climbing the first big hill of the day I was greatful for the pleasing breeze and had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath. Once on top of the ridge, we ran into one other hiker and had a nice little chat. He was the first person in the park that day and once we returned to our car, we found he had left us a nice note inviting us to the Balcones Festival or something like that.

We saw a couple of lizards, one being kind of blue, and we flushed out a few quail that startled the heck out of us! It was an explosion of beating wings, which was pretty awesome. I love seeing wildlife on our hikes. There is nothing better than being out somewhere that feels so wild and where one can really connect with nature.

Next weekend we are going camping! I can't wait!

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