Tuesday, April 18, 2006


There is nothing like camping in a gorgeous place with the best of friends. Our destination last weekend was the Hill Country State Natural Area and it was such a blast. We saw wildlife and had some fun geocaching too. Here are some pics!goofing off for the camera
Dad looks pretty tired! It was rather hot on this hike.
Just some scenery
More scenery. These beautiful yuccas were everywhere.
On the trail to a geo cache
One of the many gorgeous Texas wild flowers
Ben in time out
Notice the sticker on the red vehicle...I didn't know this was in the picture until I went back later to look at stuff. Too cool.
Thomas patiently shows Ben how to work the GPS.
A very busy dung beetle!
Ben finds treasure
Awesome view of the hills!

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Amy said...

How fun. We love camping too!