Friday, December 26, 2008

One more time...

The last thing for this round of blogging is asking for your kindness and generosity one more time and vote for this painting if you like it. It is being viewed by thousands, including people in many other countries. There is an interesting geo view of where my votes are coming from.

It's actually quite amazing to me that its been viewed from places like China, Japan, Africa, Russia, South America, Canada, and just about every state on the US map. I never dreamed I could get my art viewed by so many diverse people from all over the world.

It feels like success to me whether I move on to the next round in this campaign or not. So thank you once again for every one's help. I couldn't have come near this far without your support. There are roughly two days left to get in those final votes. Then I can relax. Whew, the campaign trail is a rough road. I need to sit a couple out...give all of us a break!

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