Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hi Everyone! An Update...

I joined a new blog called "Daily Painters Marketplace". I was going to create a blog very similar to this one actually, but why re-invent the wheel? I am happy to be a member of this community and add their link to my blog. Hopefully I will make some really nice friends and gain some good contacts. :)

There is some really great artistic talent here. I hope to add my works at some point. Painting has had to take a back burner for now unfortunately. I'm still job hunting and trying to make my way in this world. Thank goodness for the excellent network of friends and family who offer me emotional support. I would be so lost without it.

Things are stressful but I am keeping my chin up and not moping about too much. I hope that is shown here in my blog. I want this to be a fun place to visit on the internet...not a depressing one!

Love and gratitude to all of my friends and supporters!


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Hey seems like quite a few people are on te move - I have changed my place of internet residence to http:seantheblogonaut.com

My feed has been switched but in case you just drop in I won't be at my old blog residence for much longer

Ginny said...

Thanks for the heads up Sean! I will fix the link. Send my best to Alison!

trina corina said...

Glad to see you networking and I hope things are well. I'm sorry things are so stressful for you right now and I hope the new year is one for new beginnings for you and much success! Love ya!

Ginny said...

Trina the new year is going to be great...I feel it. :)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Thanks for your comment via Daily Painters Marketplace; it was nice to get some feedback.
Enjoyed my visit here on your blog, looking at the great costumes and previewing your art.

Ginny said...

Hi new friend :)
Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I hope you will come back again soon! I look forward to seeing more of your art!