Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Went for a Walk, Lake Georgetown

Went hiking today with my friend Linda and her friend Kathi. We walked a fast pace for about two hours...probably a six miler. Felt great! I even wore my large pack with some weight in it. Need to get back into backpacking shape. The new shoes are working out great.

Here are pics of my two favorite dogs in the world...they were about the only interesting thing to photograph today.

Angel is pretty beat. They were off leash one was on the trails. It was great.

If there is water, Angel and Mercedes will find it! They have very thick coats.

They're just so damn cute and a blast to hike with.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love dogs! They make me feel like a Star. Yesterday an old lady was at the front, and when she finished, her little poodle looked at me like please~~~~~? Pick me up........

So I did,

Good to know you are hiking,
thanks for the art, and the comments.

YOur friend,

Ginny said...

Hi Jesse. :)
Dogs are awesome. Mercedes and Angel get a ton of attention everywhere they go.

I haven't gotten the piece in the mail yet, but plan on making that happen tomorrow. :)Have a glorious weekend!