Friday, October 24, 2008

It's all Good

I just want to send a very special thank you to my good blog friend Jesse. I haven't known him long, but it matters not. He is a special guy in my eyes and I am grateful to him for reaching out to me.

As you remember, I sent him a painting that means a lot to me, and now he is the proud owner of it and that makes me so happy. He totally gets what I was saying in this piece and why I wanted him to have it. Go check out his's linked above. He has so many things to show us all, and his readers have all joined in a special community. And in honor of such wonderful people and amazing things in life, here is a short poem I just wrote...

When I find myself in a dark place
all I have to do is reach out to you and I'm healed

I always knew there were things greater than myself
And when I reach out they are revealed

I must always remember what is important in life
and reach out for others too when they appeal


Jesse Mendez said...

Like the feeling on a leaf,
soft but still more brittle,
comes the texture of friendship.

Sometimes, as we sit in vision,
we feel that warm feeling...

It is at those times,
we awaken to deeper dimensions...
perhaps, of living, and sharing...
what belongs to the world,
through us merely as channels,
of that candid grace,
wherever it comes from, and
whatever it is...
we know it is there, because
we suddently are experiencing it.


Ginny said...

Jesse that is beautiful. You are a writer, a painter, a photographer, and an all around talented guy. :)