Friday, October 03, 2008

She Actually Showed Up!

So Ms. Palin made it to the debate after all...good for her! I still don't like her lol. But to be fair, I thought she did way better than anyone expected. She didn't win the debate obviously... Hmmm, can we even call that a debate? It was the weirdest debate I think I've ever seen. I can't put my finger on why really, but it was odd.


trina corina said...

Maybe because Ms. Palin opted to avoid questions and talk about whatever she wanted to talk about? I could have kicked that moderator in the ass for not getting that under control. She also sounded very scripted, she had that "Maverick" soundbite on cue! Not to mention everything she says, she says with that smirk. She truly does remind me of Bush in a skirt. Other than that... I just love her! (gag!)

Ginny said...

Oh gawd, I never want to hear the word "maverick" again!