Thursday, October 30, 2008

59 Days Left...Will I Make the Cut?

Hi friends,

I've been sick the past three days with either the flu or possibly even pneumonia. I'm not sure which but am improving in some ways and not improving in others. I always get respiratory crud around this time of year and it sucks. But I do have an arsenal of medication so I think I can avoid the doctor and the expense that entails...considering I'm poor! lol

My "Artist's Choice" campaign is going better than I thought possible. I am still ranked fairly high considering there are now over 2,000 entries! I'm ranked 10 on my hands painting, and 16 on my volcano abstract. Please continue to vote and show your support...simply click on the links I've provided above. I think I still have a shot at making it in the next round.

Part of my success will depend on how viral my campaign goes. That depends a lot on you folks out there. If you can pass along my links in your blogs, live journals, facebook, myspace, emailing your friends, etc...I stand a better chance. Also the more comments that are left on my art and the more views I get, the better it will go for me. Judging is done based on these criteria. My viral meter is low even though my ranking is high. So I'm appealing to you all to help me with that and to add comments...even as a guest it counts. You don't have to register!

This could be a very good way to get my art noticed and I'm working so hard to do that. I'm not having any luck finding a suitable job and my spirits are low as a result. I just don't think I'm cut out for the corporate world and am trying to pursue my dreams of earning a living using my creative ability. Of course I still need a day job to support myself but will never give up on my real dreams of making it in the fine arts industry, whether it be through my photography or painting or both. I would love to do commission work and when Sean asked if my painting was for sale, my heart soared! Thank you Sean. And thank you too poodles for throwing in a little competition there. ;)

You are all so wonderful and I appreciate the community that has come to me through this blog. It has become very important and I wish that I hadn't let it lapse for so long, but I couldn't help it. I will blog on and grow in this community and with you all for ages to come. The friendships I've made here are valuable to me and I feel like a very rich person in that respect. :)

Love to all,


a work in progress said...

I am glad you came across my blog - because now I can come across yours. Beautiful work. What is your sisters blog?

Ginny said...

I'll message you privately too just in case you don't see this, but if you look on my home blog page and at the links to the right, you will see her "work in progress" blog link. :)

Good to meet you! Thanks for coming on by.