Saturday, January 28, 2006

Natural Bridge Cavern trip

I took Ben to Natural Bridge Caverns last week and he loved it of course. I think this might be the best show cave in Texas because a couple of the chambers are HUGE and the formations are spectacular. There is a cave column in this one that has to be several million years old.
Beginning of tour. This is the natural bridge that is what is left of a collapsed sink hole.

Large cave column. They refer to this one as the "Totem Pole"

Cave drapery and flow stone I believe.

More formations.

looking down. I wonder what was beyond the crawl space and wish I could have crawled down to find out.

Stalagmites reaching towards the ceiling.

"Fried Eggs" These are interesting formations that do actually look like fried eggs. The calcite concentrates in the center forming a more yellowish color.

This shot is so dark because I'm far away from this deep opening into a very impressive tunnel that a car could drive through. It was kinda spooky but I would have climbed down in a heartbeat to explore the area below.

This massive column was tremendous and has cave drapery all over it. It is estimated that it's several million years old.

Very large stalagmites and flow stone. The bolder in the bottom right corner is a giant piece of rock that broke off the ceiling and fell about a million years ago.

I thought this formation was very brain like or coral like as if from the sea. I think it's one of my favorite pics I took on the tour.

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