Thursday, January 19, 2006

More Caving...This Time Long Horn Caverns

Here are some pictures from my caving trip to Longhorn Caverns. This shot is from below a sink hole. Isn't it gorgeous? The sky is so amazingly blue!

The shot below is a tunnel that leads upwards. I call this the birth canal. It would be a tight squeeze!

Below a hole in the rock that was formed over thousands of years by water. These holes are made by the water swirling around in a whirlpool.

More holes in solid rock. This leads to who knows where. It's large enough to crawl into and it seems the passage goes for a ways.

Ben walking through a large room. Notice the scallopy formations on the ceiling. This was created by the river that ran underground for thousands of years creating an almost meringue look. Pie anyone?

More beautiful formations, including stalagtites.

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kimberly said...

you've got some great shots there! thanks for sharing them.