Sunday, January 15, 2006

Caving, Hiking, Climbing...Getting Down and Dirty.

Went to InnerSpace Caverns today. We are fortunate to know the guide and he let us go on a special tour where we could explore some of the areas that most people probably never get to see. It was so much fun. I had to crawl a bit to get into a portion of the cave. It entailed crouching very low under a large overhang of rock and slowly crouching forward in a very narrow passage. We explored a couple of narrow and dark passages with the help of flashlights. At one point I could have gone further in, but it was very muddy and I didn't want to slither on my belly through some of the crawl space without some sort of coveralls on. If I had the right equipment and time, I would have in a heart beat! It was so FREAKIN AWESOME!!

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Zebra said...

Kudos to you Ginny for getting down and dirty, having fun and losing some weight. Way to go for the new year girl!