Sunday, September 05, 2010

Can't Go Outside To Play

The weather is stellar and I'm stuck in the house with a nasty cold. On the up side however is the fact that I'm getting some computer time in and paying attention to my blog. I'm sure those of you who are left will appreciate it. :)

Soon the blog is gonna have a new look. Dusty came over the other day and showed me his latest web site he did, and I want my blog to be similar. It has been in need of a make over for years. He has done an excellent job of teaching himself how to do web design. Self taught is where it's at in my book.

In other news...

Work is great and I love my co-workers. What an excellent bunch of people to work with! The mortgage industry is a very interesting animal and I have been learning a ton. I will be heading to Blanco SP soon with a couple of my coworker friends who are also crazy about camping. I'm looking forward to it.

I managed to update Ben's blog with a post. For those of you who have access feel free to check it out. If you don't have access and want it, and you qualify to get it, email me. I will direct you to it. You should know immediately if you will qualify or not. Basically if you are not a friend or family member you can't see it and you won't know who Ben is anyway, so are not missing out.

My hair is growing back in some of the places it fell out. Wow I'm lucky I had plenty of hair to spare! I still have no clue why I've been having these health issues in the first place, but I'm still searching for answers and will eventually get to the bottom of it all. I had another test done for Celiac and it came back negative again.

I've been talking to my dad. That is a big update I know. Despite the past, I love my dad and always will. I refuse to dwell on what was and am moving forward where he is concerned. Ever hear of a clean slate? Wish you had one sometimes? I think we all do. Everyone deserves to prove themselves.

I recently discovered chewy sweet tarts...they are da bomb

I am still missing my man in the desert. He is staying for burning man and probably won't be back until late September. Who is this mystery man anyway? I've been tight lipped about him I know. Someday I will dish the scoop and reveal will be a good story!

Thomas called me a while back. Can't remember if I posted anything about that or not. Wow that is a big one too huh? He is good and just finished up a big trip in Glacier National Park. Go check out his All Things Fried site for pics. You can even see a pick of the woman he married. In all honesty I am so glad he found her. They seem well suited for each other. I am happy for him for real. We should always wish the best for those we love, even if it means their paths are far from ours. I still love you Thomas and always will...I'm truly glad you are having a wonderful time! :)

And remember folks, be careful what you ask for. The universe is very willing to bring you what you want.

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Sharon said...

Glad to hear the news on your hair growing back. Whatever is was might be getting better.

Hope your cold is short-lived.

Man in the Desert? I think I know who it is....