Monday, February 15, 2010

Projects and General News

It turns out I need to go get an adapter for the memory card in my new camera so I can get pics from it to the computer. I hope to take care of it today after work...I'm antsy to start throwing photos up on the blog again. It's been a long time coming! Bless you Ara for sending me everything you had for the is a shame my computer isn't compatible. Thank goodness for adapters though. :)

Several projects are in the works and exciting things are starting to happen for me. One of the more fun projects is my attempt to get into theater. I met a person who acts in small plays and said I should audition. I think it sounds like a blast and a good use of my creative energy so am going to give it a shot. I grew up around the theater and don't see any reason why I can't be a part of it again. It should be noted that this is probably going to be more for my entertainment than anyone elses, but if I can find the actress down inside and bring enjoyment to others as a side note, that would be cool.

In other news, my art studio(the spare room in my apt. ) is beginning to take shape. I need to buy a couple of large drop cloths to line the floor with and a couple of easels. I hope to put some serious hours in soon and get a few paintings completed. One of these days I will have an informal art show and may even see about getting some of my nature abstracts on a public wall somewhere.

I also hope to have a new website eventually where others can go to purchase my art. Dusty is doing an amazing job with web design and if I'm really nice to him maybe he will design my website. His company is Right Side Optics, so if anyone wants a cool website let me know and I will send you his way.

My friend Azzurra came over on Saturday and I helped her make a home made Valentines day card for a friend of hers. She loved the card and was shocked that I have such an eye and talent for this kind of thing and inquired why I wasn't doing this as a side business. I use to do it as a side business and might start up again only this time for myself and not through another company. She strongly feels that I could be selling handmade cards in little boutiques and gave me some good ideas on where to start. It helps to know people who know something about marketing. I am the creative talent only and need all the business help I can get which seems to be typical of artists.

Getting focused will be the most difficult part in all of this. It is often a curse to have so many great ideas and not be able to hone in on one or two to see them come to fruition. It is time I start setting some goals and be sure to follow all of the baby steps. If anyone has any good tips for getting and staying focused feel free to pass them my way.


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear you talking about your art again! Having a creative verve is a pastime to appreciate, it doesn't always transcend to profitable means and can therefore no longer remain gratifying. Paint because you enjoy it.


Ginny said...

Hi Moth, thanks for the insight. :)