Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pajama Party with Kimberly

Last night I went to Maryann's place for an intimate gathering of folks to listen to Kimberly's new cd release "Sleep" with Kimberly and good friends. It was a magical evening. Candles were lit everywhere and Kimberly's new cd is incredible.

She told us all about the songs and why they were written and the stories behind them. It was very moving. This girl has had some tragedy in her life and her new album is reflective of that when you know the stories. But even amongst the melancholy there is incredibly beautiful music and then there's Kim's god like voice of course.

After the cd was over we had a lovely time lying about in the living room floor on blankets and pillows talking about stuff. We also got to hear some of Kimberly's new music that she and Jason are working on. Let me tell you, there is some fantastic stuff in store for the fans. Jason is quite the talent himself and I'm anxious to get my hands on the music he is working on as well.

Here is a picture Dave took of me and Maryann last night. I didn't take any photos...I just hung out and enjoyed the company and soaked it all in. I do have a lot of photos to post soon though...

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