Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today might be a repeat of yesterday, almost.

My friend Windy came over yesterday and we spent the early afternoon poolside with a cooler full of Tecate. The sun was out enough, and we had the perfect opportunity to talk and do some much needed catching up.

After a couple of hours we decided we had to have a Sonic Snicker's Blast, and packed up the pool stuff and left. While we were at Sonic the thunderstorm started with intermittent big fat rain drops splatting on my very cracked windshield. I had visions of big fat hail stones finally finishing what they started a few weeks ago, and my windshield getting shattered while I'm at the Sonic drive through. Ha.

Fortunately that vision didn't manifest. So we got our stuff and went back to the apt. It's pouring rain. The sun is gone for the day. We had only been home a couple of minutes when the phone rang. It was Gilbert. He and his boys were at the sprinkler park not far from me and he asked if they could come by. Of course the more the merrier!

So we spent the rest of the day watching the rain, talking, watching movies, etc... Then Russell dropped off Ben and the kids played games, etc...It was a great day.

Today the sun didn't come out, and we did not go out to play. But I'm content. Gilbert left the boys with me for a sleep over and he went out with friends. Now as I write this, I'm being treated to breakfast. Gilbert is cooking! We're having bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits, tortillas, and orange juice. Oh and he brought me a latte which I'm currently sipping on. :)

I doubt the sun will be out, so we'll end up just hanging out. We were supposed to camp this weekend but bailed due to the crowds. Good thing, we would have been rained out. This is the second time now we've had to cancel camping. I'm hopeful that we'll get a chance soon to take the boys out. They love to camp too! :)

Cheers to all my friends.

Tomorrow is our pool side bbq. It will be a lot of fun with many friends invited. Hopefully I will get pictures!

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