Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Promised Photos...Just Random Stuff...

Part of my back yard. I've been tearing it up for a while now. I want to take all of these rocks out and start over with garden plots, pathways, etc... I need a new fence. In a couple of weeks I'll be calling a fencing company to get the bad parts replaced. The whole back panel is rotted.

A friend keeping me company while I spruced up its home.

Lola loves to climb up this little bush and act like she's a jungle cat. Show off!

Friends walking towards me. I somehow managed to take consecutive shots, or rather the camera did. I have no clue how I did this, but I love this last shot. Click on the picture to see it bigger. The expression on Brom's face is great. He is Jen's youngest son.

Just foolin around with new camera. This was our junk food pile. :) Actually we did have some healthy food somewhere around there.

Ben enjoys a healthy version of fruit roll ups.

Well I wanted to upload more, but blogger is acting up right at this moment. I'll have to come back and post more later. Hope everyone is some what satisfied now. ;)


Poodles said...

On some of the newer digital cameras if you hold down the picture taker button (technical language there) it will take consecutive pictures. I love that feature.

Nice pictures, good to hear you are doing better.

Ginny said...

Hi poodles! Nice to hear from you. You know, that may have been what happened. I could have been holding down the picture taking thingy(more very technical language), and it just did its thing. :)

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

You girls baffle me with your technical knowledge :)

I like the ones of the friends walking toward you maybe try it in black and white.

Ginny said...

Funny Sean.

As for the one with the friends walking towards...that would be cool in black and white.