Saturday, April 05, 2008


I have ignored my blog for a while(surprise surprise), because I've been busy doing stuff that keeps me away from the computer for days at a time. One of the things I've been doing is gardening, and re-landscaping, which of course is hard labor and very time consuming. Most people pay for the kind of stuff I've been doing, which includes a team of "laborers" to come out and tear the yard up and put it all back together in a pleasing way. What takes them maybe two days, takes me a few weeks.

My ankle is still a mess, so this is about as much outdoor fun as it gets for now, but none the less I've had to be very careful just working in my own yard. I've been doing a ton of heavy lifting...big rocks, large tree branches, heavy loads of grass and weeds, and moving a lot of earth around. But the garden really did need the attention and is coming along. I still have much landscaping to do but it is actually therapeutic and I've come across much of my own backyard nature!

I've seen geckos, anoles, and spiders galore. I came across a female earwig curled around a clutch of little cream colored eggs...about 60 or so of them, and have found many different types of cocoons of moths, butterflies, and who knows what else. I've got a cocoon in a jar right now, because I have no clue what it is and hope something cool pops out!

We would have gone car camping this weekend as a family, but I didn't take time out to make reservations anywhere, which was a mistake. Any place suitable for family style camping is booked up. But if my ankle were healed up, I'd be out on the trail somewhere by now on a backpacking trip, instead of writing this update. Oh well, updates need to be written or else there is no point in keeping a blog really. And truth be told, the injury has forced me to do much needed house maintenance as well. So everything seems to have a way of somehow working out.

My sister has been bugging me for days now to keep my blog current and to post more pictures and stuff. So for you Lynn, and anyone else that could be lurking around, here ya go. Here is my update. I don't have any new pics uploaded to the desktop yet, but have been taking a lot of pictures while I learn how to use my new camera. This thing is complicated and I feel like I need a photography class! Anyway, I'm slowly learning all the advanced stuff. But soon I will post some of the pics I've been taking. It's not just point and click anymore for this's time to get serious now that I have a semi-professional camera.

Well, that's it for now. I do have some really BIG news, but want to wait before I make that announcement. I need to be sure it's all still a go before I open my mouth. Needless to say though, it's really exciting stuff and I do hope I'll be writing all about it as I know more!! Stay tuned folks. I might disappear for a little while, but I always come back to say hello and write more about my life. Big hugs to all!

Ginny Under a Leaf


kimberly said...

ok so what camera did you get?

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

That's right, don't write anything for months then leave us with a cliff hanger

Tease :P

Ginny said...

It's an Olympus that used to be my father in laws. He handed it down to me when he got a bigger better camera. It's not the latest and greatest camera, but it is far better than what I had!

And Sean that is exactly what I did! hahaha :)

Seriously I don't want to jinx anything so announcements have to wait a while. I'll give you a hint involves Montana!