Thursday, March 06, 2008

Much Improvement with My Ankle

I can walk normally and am getting some of the flexibility back in my ankle. There is only slight swelling and bruising now. I hope it continues to heal as quickly as it is!


Anonymous said...

I went back and looked at your Lost Maples pictures, trying to determine what type of footware you use. Appears to be trail runners or light hikers. I'm guessing that your weak ankle will continue to be a problem even when healed unless you take steps to stabilize it more before your hiking trips. Possible solutions include getting a pair of high top boots to encase that ankle. Or possibly you could wrap that ankle tightly in an Ace bandage or the like.
Just my thoughts.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Can't keep a good woman down hey :). Glad to here you had a super birthday too and Russell got more work.

Ginny said...

Thanks Sean :)

JD I was thinking the very same thing actually. I figured I would have to tape my ankle before hikes to ensure more stability. I don't know if I can go with a heavier boot.

The ones I had on at the time of the sprain were high tops. Honestly I don't know if my shoe would have made any diff or not given how I tripped up and went down.