Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Had a Super Birthday!

My birthday was great from the time my feet hit the ground until the time I crashed out at 6am the next morning. It couldn't have been a better birthday.

The first thing that happened was my five year old came into my room and woke me up by saying in my ear "Happy Birthday Mommy, I love you!". To which I sleepily hugged him, said I loved him, and kissed him. Then he ran off and I was back to sleep.

The next time I awoke, it was to Ben and Russell singing me happy birthday. It was very sweet. At some point I got up and made plans for my day. Ben was already at school and Russell needed to run errands. I started to get lots of phone calls from friends and family and chatted a while with each person. It was great. At some point Russell came back home with a gigantic balloon, and a bunch of yellow roses for me. I was totally surprised and loved them both.

When Jen called, who was first of course, she said "Happy Birthday...Bitch!". I got a kick out of that and laughed heartily. While I was on the phone with Jen, our friend Jamie called me on the cell and the very first words out of her mouth were "Happy Birthday Bitch!". Ah the day was progressing nicely.

So Jen and I made plans. I went to her house and picked her up, then we picked up her son from school. We went back to my house and dropped off her boys with Russell so they could play with Ben, while Jen and I went to Half Price Books because she wanted to get me a book or two for my birthday. Yes indeed the day was unfolding and I just got happier and happier as the day went on.

Jen and I didn't stay in the bookstore too long because there were way too many books we wanted, so we had to force ourselves to leave after about 15 minutes of pulling book after book off the shelves. We left with an armful and then decided we were hungry.

To our delight we were right next to Kobe Steak House and on sheer impulse we went in and debated whether we should or not. We decided we should. We sat down at a table with another couple, while the waiter took drink and food orders and we waited on the chef. Jen and I ordered the Kobe Trio, and some vegetarian dish with tofu in it.

The food and service was great and we had the best time. Lot's of food and two gin and tonics later, we had our abundant leftovers packed up went back to my house. Needless to Say Russell and Gilbert, Jen's husband, were happy to see the ton of beautiful leftovers we brought them for letting us get out and do girl stuff. It was getting close to 6pm and Russell and I had plans to go see a movie. We saw Juno at the Alamo Drafthouse on Lamar, drank beer, and had dessert. Russell and I both agreed the movie was pretty good.

The evening was only getting started because Jen and I decided she should come back to my house after I got home from the movie so we could make cocktails and play lots of Blokus, listen to music, etc... We both ended up snockered and laughed our butts off all night long.


trina corina said...

Sorry I was gone and didn't get to wish you a proper Happy Birthday, but Happy Birthday Bitch! (OK, I had to jump on that bandwagon, please forgive me!) Also sorry to hear that your hurt your ankle, that totally sucks, but glad to read that you're doing better! So, Happy Birthday and a speedy recovery!

Ginny said...

Hahahaah, it's not a proper birthday greeting for me if you forget the bitch part. ;)

The ankle is improving, still hurts but the swelling is not as bad, and I have more range of motion now.

I'll be so happy to start hiking again and want to camp soon. You guys better be ready, I'm gonna call you as soon as the weather gets stellar and invite ya. :)