Friday, February 29, 2008

Packing Up and Getting Ready

It's a car camping trip so my gear is a little changed up for it

3 man Tent - check ( I like to stretch out when car camping)
sleeping pad -check
base layer -check
outer layers - check
hat - check
gloves - check
precip jacket - check
emergency kit - check
stove to show off - check
my cute little fuel bottles - check
light sources - check
pillows - check
blankets - check
first aid - check
sunglasses - check
sunscreen - check
camp shoes - check
boots - check
extra socks - check
extra underwear - check
various toiletry items - check
food - check
hiking poles - check
trash bag - check
book - check (currently reading "The Giver")
games - check (cards and travel size blokus)
water - check
GPS - check
camera - check

Wow I'm going to be living in luxury on this camp out and the weather is looking good! I'm bringing stuff for colder weather though just in case. You never know in Texas at this time of year.

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