Monday, December 18, 2006

The Roughs Revisited

My hiking partner and I went to McKinney Roughs yesterday for a little walking adventure. I have been to the Roughs before, but couldn't remember the trail system until almost the end where we had to climb out of the valley. I guess it's not terribly surprising that the hardest part of the hike is what triggered my memory. I sucked some wind climbing out, but my recovery time after getting to the top was only seconds. Of course as usual Thomas was at the top waiting for me. He runs up steep switchbacks like they are nothing! We only walked a total of five miles yesterday, but this trail system does offer more.

The Roughs is a pretty place. It has a few look out points to catch a good view, and follows a river for a little while. Since the water was low, we were able to walk out on some rocks and test our balancing skills. I did great until I hit flat ground again...that's when I went down in the mud. This seems to be a regular occurrence for me...falling on flat ground. I get through the difficult terrain with sure skill, but as soon as my foot hits level ground again, I lose my balance or trip and down I go. Figures.

Not much to report on the wildlife in the area. We heard some deer crashing through the trees, but little else showed up on the scene except a bird or insect every now and then. Oh wait, I forgot about the big spider that Thomas took for a little dance. It was a large fat orb weaver of some kind, which I thought was pretty. It ended up on Thomas for a few short seconds after he walked through it's web. That's when the dancing started...

The last time I hiked in this park I was much less hardened to trail walking and didn't take photos. This time around was an easy stroll so I had plenty of photo taking opportunity. Here they are!

River Low
River View From Trail
River Flats
Hind Racoon Print on River Rock
Looking Down to the Left from Trail
Pine and Sky
Big Valley View

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