Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gingerbread Extravaganza 2006

Each year my friend Jen has a gingerbread house party where all her guests come and decorate their very own house to take home. This year would mark the fifth party and the second one I have had the priviledge of attending. It was a great time and even the guys got into making and decorating their own creations. Elliott designed and built his own train and Jen made a gingerbread dome.

The day before the party Jen and I made dough and baked over a hundred cookies! We pre-baked and assembled the houses too...14 in all. Hours and hours of work went into this year's extravaganza, but it was all fun and time well spent. These houses do look good enough to eat and they are!

The Candy!
My House
Jessica's House
Elliott's Train
Lotsa Cookies!
The Dome (pre-decorated. I don't have a shot of it finished unfortunately)
Hanson and Will's House. The other side of the house says "Please Recycle"
Very Fine Gingerbread Cookies. These didn't last long in my house.

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Anonymous said...

Those cookies look delicious. *drool*