Saturday, December 16, 2006

Chalk Ridge Falls II

Went on a short little hike today with Russell, who usually won't step foot out in nature, but he's such a nice husband he let me drag him along. I wanted to go back to Chalk Ridge Falls to pick up some of the parts I've not hiked previously, but it turned out there wasn't much else to see. We were only able to squeeze three miles out of these trails. It's supposed to be a longer hike according to people's online hike write ups. The last time we were there I thought we got at least four miles out of it, but I went on every trail available and no way was it near the four or five miles people are reporting online. Am I missing something?

We did have a very cool deer encounter though. On a small off shoot trail, we walked right up on some grazing deer. They were so close I could have almost reached out and touched them. They were every bit as surprised to see us so up close and personal as we were them! Of course they moved away from us quickly after we almost collided into them. Something else I enjoyed seeing were two king fishers chasing each other along the river. They were gorgeous but flying too fast to photograph unfortunately.
Suspension Bridge...Nice and Wobbly
Small Falls
Looking Up River
Different Upriver Perspective

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