Friday, October 27, 2006

You Gotta Love Austin

I walked last night for the third time downtown with Thomas. So far each town walk has had many interesting things to check out, but last night was extra cool. There is a group of performers under the direction of Sally Jacques who do a surreal dance of sorts using the unfinished Intel building as their stage. They had the building strategically lit with blue lights and a woman on a wire doing her interpretive moves in mid air with the lit up building as her backdrop. It was pretty far out and I was amazed at the creativity of this group. The name of the dance company is Blue Lapis Light and this particular performance is called Requiem. If you want to catch a performance you better hurry because they will only be doing this a few more days.

Austin is a happening place and if you're a people watcher this is a great town to be in. We saw a myriad of interesting characters on sixth street last night, including a guy that was probably close to 8 feet tall. He and his buddies were dressed up in what appeared to be old 40's style suits complete with hats. There was another group we encountered who were all dressed up in fancy 70's disco garb. I MUST remember to bring my camera next time. The town walks are way more exciting then the walks in my suburban neighborhood. Too bad I can't walk around downtown every night!

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