Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An amazing story

Where do I begin? There is some back story before I can tell the real story so I guess I'll start with that.

My daughter Caitlin moved in with her dad a year ago because he promised her a horse if she did. Caitlin moved and all was well. But things started to go down hill for Caitlin while living with her dad and she started making it known that she wanted to come back home with me. She wanted to bring her horse with her but her dad said no way, that she could only have the horse if she lived with him or if she paid him 900.00. Never mind the fact that the horse has been a wonderful thing for Caitlin and she could actually start entering barrell races with this horse and maybe even win a few.

I'm a reasonable person and I'm trying to understand her dad wanting some kind of compensation. The horse was a gift or bribe if you will. But none the less, it would be a great lesson for Caitlin to earn her own money and buy the horse. However, I feel like her dad put un-necessary pressure on her to earn the money by the end of the summer. If she doesn't, he will be selling the horse and buying a different one for his current wife. But this story isn't about a girl's Indian giving bribing father, it's about a dog.

Caitlin has a little dog named Sugar. They both love each other! But sadly, Caitlin was feeling pressured to get her horse here, so she decided to sell the dog to a close friend of mine. Caitlin reasoned that she would still get to see the dog often and that it wouldn't be so bad. Well the transaction took place and Caitlin felt pretty sad without her little dog. I knew Caitlin loved this little dog and was already missing it, probably more than Caitlin herself realized.

Well the first day my friend had the dog, the dog ran away! My friend Jen was visiting a friend of hers in an apartment complex that is close to IBM. She let Sugar down for a potty break and Sugar decided to make a run for it. Sugar has never done anything like this before so we figured she was trying to get back to Caitlin.

Imagine how awful Jen felt having to tell me what happened. She knew Caitlin would get very upset and was right of course. Jen and our friend Riley spent hours looking for the dog and chasing after, etc... to realize that it was hopeless. Once I learned what had happened I also spent some time looking for Sugar. We all felt we would never see her again and were so sad. Caitlin and I cried and cried. Caitlin cried for her dog, I cried for Caitlin . She was so miserable and worried. It pained me.

Well here is the amazing part. We found Sugar! We were in the process of putting up flyers when I decided to talk to an apt. manager about posting flyers in her complex. She said it wouldn't be necessary because they had our dog! Sugar decided to go up to a man who had a little dog and generally wouldn't leave them alone. Even when he went inside with his dog, Sugar camped out by his door. The man finally picked her up and brought her to the office and asked what to do with this little dog. Another man over heard and said he would take the dog and hold on to it for a few days to see if an owner showed up.

The apt. complex where Sugar was being held, is actually where a really good friend of mine lives. So it's all quite amazing. I strongly felt we would never find Sugar and am astounded we did. Austin is a huge city and the dog could have wandered off miles from where she was last seen. Thank goodness she didn't. You never saw such a happy reunion!
It was totally obvious by Sugar's body language and facial expression that she was so relived to be back with her true master. This little dog licked Caitlin's face and pawed at it as if she couldn't believe it herself that she was back home.

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kimberly said...

wow that was amazing! glad to know Caitlin got her doggie back