Friday, June 09, 2006

To Hike or Not to Hike...that is the question

So my hiking buddies are heading to Colorado Bend this Sunday for an 8 mile trek. Should I go? That is the question for the day. On one hand I think I should go and at least do part of the trail, but then do I want to wait around by myself for my buds to finish up their hike? On the other hand, I could stay in town and do my own hike in Zilker and still get a decent work out.

I hate to miss out on a good 8 mile trek but considering how hot it will be, I'm a bit nervous about heat exhaustion. I think I should train a bit more before tackling those long milers this summer. Doing them in the spring is one thing, but in high heat and humidity it's a different ball game.


Anonymous said...

Colorado bend will be about 7.5 miles.
You can also do the Guided Gorman falls hike and then hang out by the river if you would like.. it would make a nice day..
I loved your write up of the hike! Loving the outdoors means having all of the aspects of nature involved in your life. Pushing yourself makes you a hardier person and now you know some of your limits...
Being aware of your limits and abilities is a key step in becoming an outdoors person and citizen of nature.

Take nothing but pictures.. leave nothing but footprints....have nothing but fun!


Virginia aka Ginny said...

Thanks T for your encouragement. I'm glad you are enjoying the hike write ups. I do have a sense of accomplishment after surviving that last hike!

It was 7.5 miles before I bonked on theoretically I should be able to do Colorado Bend if we didn't go any further than the 7.5 mile mark and no one gets in a big hurry.