Tuesday, March 07, 2006

7 miles in Hill Country

This past Sunday Mykel, Thomas, and myself, headed out to Pedernales Falls for a hike around Wolf Mountain. We did some Geocaching on the trip as well. The first 5 miles or so I found to be challenging but very doable. The last 2 miles however were grueling for me and I was never more glad to see the car! I am still sore from that excursion and here it is Tuesday.

Anyway, I had a great time and the scenery was beautiful of course. Texas hill country is really something special and I loved the panoramic views of the Pedernales Valley below us. We also stopped by some ruins left by old settlers from around the 1800's! I've got pictures of what was left of their lives. Who knows what happened to these people or what their day to day life must have been like, but I do know they were ranchers. I can't find any history or more detail than that, but the bits and pieces of what was left of their home and the things in it were quite fascinating to me. There was even a fragment or two of their china!

Not much left of this old house.

Some old rusty nails, fragments of metal, and some glass

In this picture of the artifacts you can see a piece of china with a little pink flower. I thought that was really cool.

The next shots will be of the scenery along the hike. The Pedernales Falls park is thousands of acres of hill country that only wildlife lives on. At one point in the hike we heard a large animal crashing through the forest. It was either a wild boar or a deer. That was a little exciting.

dried up creek bed. I would have liked to follow it a ways, but time was short

Mykel and Thomas go around a wall made by the settlers I was talking about.

A place to rest. This is Jones Spring.

A little off trail. We were headed to a geocache.

More off trail scenery

The Valley below. You can barely make out the river.

Hot, tired, swollen, achy feet. I took my shoes off while sitting on this observation deck near the end of the trail. I'll spare you the photograph of my bare feet...it wasn't a pretty site!

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