Monday, February 06, 2006

My Favorite Hike So Far!

Went on a hike yesterday with my pals Mykel and Thomas. It was a blast! We went to Inks Lake State Park for this adventure and it was sure to please. The trails wind through all kinds of different habitats and terrain changes. The most fun part of the trail for me were the big boulders, large rocky outcroppings and very large pink granite batholith domes that were littered with crystals and quartz. Oh and the small pools of water on the granite surface were teaming with brine shrimp which was also cool.

The best bird encounter was with a King Fisher. It sat up on a dead tree stump that was jutting from a low area of the lake. It didn't sit there long enough however for me to get a camera shot of it. Too bad, because it was one cool looking bird and I haven't seen one in the wild since I was a kid.

I took pictures of the area but they don't do this place proper justice. Be sure to click on them so you can see them bigger. I can't wait to go back to Inks Lake for another hike!
In this shot we are walking up a granite dome hill.

One of the several small pools of water that had too many brine shrimp in them to count. This is one of the many interesting eco systems in this park.

Another hill we hiked up. There were lots of ups in this hike. My legs were killing me that night!

More going up. There were big rocks, cactus, and boulders all over.

Coffee Break. Hope Mykel doesn't mind me posting her picture. She looks great I think!

Thomas leading the way.

One of the cactus species found here. These little guys were tucked in here and there along the granite domes.

Almost to the top of this dome.

The top! See the lake? If memory serves me correctly, this was about 700 feet up.

Nice rocky outcrop. This would have been a lot of fun to climb on, but we were pushing onward.

Big Boulder

Close up of Lichen on boulder.

Another cactus that is plentiful around here. I believe this is some kind of Yucca.


Thomas said...

Super Fun hike!
I am looking forward to more adventures..

Maybe a trip to Canyon of the eagles or Hill Country SNA.. or Granger lake...

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Hey Thomas! Thanks for checking in. :)
I'm up for any of those places! I can't wait for the weather to improve so we can get back to it.