Sunday, October 31, 2010

Make You a Zombie

I spent some time yesterday on youtube looking at vids on how to do zombie make up. I wanted to go to the Zombie Ball this year but knew I wouldn't be able to pull it off in time. Work has been demanding of my energy these past couple of weeks leaving me too tired to think about going out and having fun, let alone making a production out of it.

Face it, creating a great costume and doing makeup properly takes time. For a good zombie effect, one needs liquid latex, proper adhesive, zombie colors such as gray, charcoal, white, yellow, purple, green, red, in both powder and creamy formulations, and perhaps even some creepy contact lenses. Spider webbing and something to rat up the hair to give it a cruddy and dirty appearance would be cool and make it look like you crawled out of a grave. Then of course dirtying up clothing with special paint effects and the right kind of tearing, etc...would add that extra special zombie touch.

I want all of that stuff and am going to pull it together for the ball in 2011. Hitting the Halloween clearance sales will be productive. I'm thinking it would be cool to play around with this for a little while...I'm sure Ben would love to be my guinea pig. We could have all kinds of fun making him look like a little zombie boy.

It's good to be an artist! This is an all new medium to explore and that really revs me up. It would be fun to advertise my services next year and charge a fee to do peoples' special effects makeup. A digital video camera is looking more and more like a necessity to me these days. I totally need vids on my blogs for fun and entertainment of course, but also for business. Those little cameras are a wonderful tool...

In any case, I will be at the Zombie Ball next year with a date! Hopefully he will be tall and handsomely ghoulish with most of his body parts still in tact. It will be great!